Mulched flower beds with retaining wallsBlack mulchRedwood mulch

Mulch Installation

Often a mulch installation is overlooked or just treated as a side note. However, the proper installation of mulch will not only enhance the look of your landscape, it can enhance the health and well being of the plants and trees it surrounds. Proper depth and grade hold in moisture during dry periods, and help with run off during wet periods in addition to other health enhancement aspects.

Midwest Landscape can properly prepare your landscape beds and install any variety of cedar, hardwood, colored mulch or pine straw. Mulch installed by Midwest Landscape will provide the following benefits:

  • Presents a clean, crisp look
  • Helps in controlling weed growth
  • Insulates the plants to protect against cold weather
  • Conserves water by keeping the ground moist during hot summer months
  • Provides beneficial nutrients to the plants as it naturally decomposes
  • Increases curb appeal and landscape value

Contact us today, and we can schedule a site visit to discuss your mulch service needs.