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Landscape Plantings

We understand that each site is unique. Planting materials will be paired or coupled with similar or contrasting plant varieties and tailored to each individual customers needs and desired outcome. We offer our clientele professional interpretations and site-specific advice while at the same time following a time-tested process that guarantees to “Exceed your Expectations” by taking into consideration the following:

  • Customer goals
  • Site and local ordinances
  • Planting zone specific plants
  • Sun exposure
  • Irrigation needs
  • Soil content and condition
  • Exposures to hazards such as wind, animals, water runoff and road salt
  • Expected maintenance
  • Long term health and wellness of planting location
  • Susceptibility to disease and insects
  • Colors

As a licensed Nursery Stock Dealer, all of our plantings are of the highest quality and health, attributing to the long-term beauty of the project. Please take a moment to view our portfolio or contact one of our designers to see how Midwest Landscape can plan a project for you.