CrocusRain on fall leaves

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Spring Cleanup

Take the opportunity in the spring to enhance the appearance of your home or building by investing in a thorough spring cleanup. Typically performed in late March or early April, our skillful technicians will remove leaves, sticks, paper and debris throughout the property, including landscape beds and parking areas. By removing winter-kill and old annuals from your landscape beds, you’ll be prepared for the spring growing season and lessen the chance of a fungus or disease establishing itself in your valuable plantings.

Fall Cleanup

Typically performed during the months of October, November and December, weather permitting, the fall cleanup will ensure your property looks its best throughout the winter months. Michigan winters are hard on turf and plants and it is important to remove all the leaves and debris from your property so disease and fungus do not develop. All leaves, sticks, paper and debris will be removed from the property. Perennials and annuals will be removed from planting beds and the mulch layer raked smooth. Enjoy the fall colors and ensure you spend your weekends relaxing and enjoying your activities. Let Midwest Landscape worry about the leaves and keeping your property maintained in a neat, professional manner.